The territory of Syracuse is historically dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree.

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Olive cultivation was originally introduced by the Phoenicians and later the Greeks perfected the methodology for extracting olive oil.

The Syracuse area is subject to particular variations in temperature between day and night, vital for exalting of the typical qualities of agriculture and, in particular, of olive growing.


Its closeness to the sea, the mild climate, its limestone and volcanic lands and especially its rich water supply have made this extremity of Italy the ideal place for the development of olive trees.
This geographic zone includes the ‘Monti Iblei’ DOP production area where 80% of Sicily’s entire olive production is concentrated.

Here they cultivate the most prestigious types of olives in Sicily (the Tonda Iblea, the Nocellara Etnea and the Moresca), from which a high quality extra virgin olive oil is produced that is green in colour and has a fruity fragrance and flavour.

Legend has it that olive trees grow with a double trunk as a divine prize to the devotion of a humble young married couple who praised the tree.
When interrogated by a god of the Olympus on their living conditions they said: “The olive tree gives us everything we need: shade in the summer, firewood for the winter, fruit to eat and oil to dress our foods and give us light”.
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