The Tarascio Family has a long tradition of working with olive oil, and has been present in the oil sector for more than four generations. The founder began his activity in 1870, exploiting and increasing the family olive groves.

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This activity was taken up by his sons. In 1949, Antonino Tarascio, the most foresighted of the founder's grandchildren and profound connoisseur of olive oil, began to bottle oil. Today, the company Tarascio Antonino & Figli s.a.s., using the experience that had been handed down from father to son, selects the best oils produced in Sicily, and sells a complete range of extra virgin olive oil.


Combining the flexibility of a modern enterprise with the values of an ancient tradition, Tarascio has undertaken a process of certification, culminating in the Certification in company quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

Apart from process certification, which aims to provide the consumer with maximum guarantees and a high level of transparency, the company applies procedures able to warrant the tracing of a product along all the foodstuff course ( from producer to consumer).

The variety of characteristics and qualities of the extra virgin olive oil, linked to the area of production and the special production processes, distinguishes these products on the markets.

The company has considered the needs of the consumers and created specific products to meet them.
These are our products...

Tarascio Antonino & Figli s.a.s. • 96100 Siracusa (Italy) Via Carlo Forlanini, 11 • Tel. (+39) 0931 759855 - fax (+39) 0931 759849
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